Desk-Integrated Monitor Mounts

Desk and Screen Solution Combined.

Our Desk-Integrated product range combines both desk and monitor mounts in a single unit with a clean aesthetic and exceptional stability.

Whilst designed as a high performance monitor mount for any application where the user does not wish or require to keep their existing desks. The key strength of the integrated system is its ability to maintain compact profile whilst carrying a high screen count.

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Traditional monitor brackets stand high on the user’s desk when stacked on top of one another, which significantly hinders lines of communication and light. The Desk-Integrated Units are designed specifically to tackle this trade-off between screen area and communication, the units are able to mount up to nine 24” monitors or equivalent whilst total height of the entire rig is only 1.3m for the six monitor version.

A variety of desk finishes are available and beyond the default range of laminated desk finishes we are able to offer a huge variety of customised options, whether it be solid wood, marble, granite, glass etc.

Units pictured are fitted with arrays of 24” screens, but, whatever your optimal configuration is a variety of mounting brackets are available that allow huge flexibility when it comes to choosing a screen configuration which suit your needs.